Bum Shaper with Plyosoft Boxes

Gym routines can become tedious, boring and an event to be dragged out sometimes, so finding new exercises or equipment to use is like a Christmas morning for a child. When i spotted the gym instructors dragging three Plyosoft boxes across the floor i knew i had to give it a go. Essentially it is three cubes you would typically find in a soft play area each with different heights and different colours too! After much practice and many failed attempts resulting in me on the floor, i have perfected a couple of moves aimed at working the glutes.
  1. Bulgarian Split Lunge  - Using the shortest box, rest one foot upon the ledge so that it is fully extended and the other leg bent at a right angle. Choose weights that you're comfortable with, i typically choose the 6 or 8 dumbbells.  Pulse lunge on the spot in reps of 10 then switch legs and repeat this set 3 times.
  2. Jump and Squat - I would choose the second tallest box for this exercise. It's as simple as standing shoulder width and jumping then landing with both feet onto the box, then to jump backwards into a squat whilst trying to make sure your knees dont move past your toes. I would repeat this ten times so that my legs are burning and complete three times again. If required, you could also hold a kettle bell during this exercise to add extra weight.
  3. Step Ups - To get maximum impact to the glutes, place one foot on the medium box and using you heel push down to lift the other leg so that your other foot touches the box. It is so important to use your heel in this exercise so that the impact hits your glutes and not to leave your other foot resting too long (like you would in leg lifts to work your abs). Again i would use 6 or 8 dumb bells to add extra weight but can be used at your own choice.
  4. Running Toe Touches - Using the smallest box, alternate touching your foot on the box with the other rapidly. I would make this last usually one minute, rest and then repeat the step. You should feel the lactic acid burning in your legs.
There are loads of other uses for the Plyosoft Boxes such as tricep dips or press ups, they're so versatile and i recommend having a play around with them if available to you. Alternatively, you could use a staircase to perform these exercises and would give the same results.

Liv x


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