Welcome To..... Balance The Miles

So welcome to Balance The Miles; a platform where i will discuss and account my journey into the world of fitness and health. I have been involved in a range of cardiovascular sporting activities since a young age such as football, swimming and athletics. However more recently, i have been embarking into the heavy world of weights in the hope to gain muscle and more importantly tone. I had no knowledge or understanding about what machine i needed to be using where, but i soon realised that everyone began that way and the best way to develop is to watch others and learn from their technique.

Going hand in hand, i also try to eat clean where i can. Of course I am guilty of finishing off a tub of ice cream or divulging into a slice of cheesecake in the depths of night but i have chosen to develop a mindset that these treats are okay in moderation and when i have worked hard for them.

Health, fitness and exercise is a significant part of my life and one of which i couldn't imagine not living or breathing each day. So i hope this space will allow others to gain motivation and inspiration to be begin their own path into feeling happy about themselves.

Liv x

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