10 Tips For 10K

I love running, i love speeding past the countryside and pounding the floor until my feet ache. The warm summer evenings are the best when you have been waiting for the sun to fall and the clouds act as a mask for the heat. Last week i ran a charity 10 kilometer course for which i didn't endure that much training but used tactics during the race to try and achieve a respectable time. I managed 52 minutes in blistering heat in the end
  1. Spot - Pick a person in front of you to catch up with, once you're safely ahead then pick a new person until you have successfully out run most of the field. Of course this won't give you first place if they have already finished, but it will get you flying through the ranks.
  2. Breakfast - Eat roughly 2 hours before the race, definitely not on an empty stomach. Typically i would have scrambled egg on toast or eggs and bacon along with a coffee. It is true that food is fuel so dont deprive yourself of it!
  3. Water - Don't drink too much before the race, either you'll end up in a lengthy que for a set of grubby portable toilets or the liquid combined with nerves will cause you a stomach ridden with butterflies.
  4. Atmosphere - Utilise the atmosphere around you. Charity races particularly are littered with watchers willing you on and shouts of motivation, so use that support to push you on.
  5. Clothes - For a long distance race i always recommend wearing less rather than more. In rainy conditions, instead of layering up with thick fleeces, put on a thin rain coat to protect you. There is nothing worse than overheating on your last few kilometers.
  6.  Time - If you're looking to beat a personal best then i always keep check on my time each kilometer. Naturally i am a competitive person so a constant reminder gives me a kick up the bum to run faster if i need to. Either using an app or a stopwatch will reduce the chance of slowing your pace.
  7. Playlist - Make a feel-good playlist before you run, too many times i have found myself flicking through songs whilst trying to run. I cannot emphasise the importance of a strong steady beat to keep you pumped.
  8. Slow - Start the race off slow, it is tempting to follow the pack as if you need to keep up. However, from experience i know that the majority will drop off after 2km into a slow jog then even a walk. Race your own race.
  9. Sprint - On the other hand you should always finish the route quickly. I tend to pick up the pace with 1.5km to go but this varies according to your stamina. There is always more left in your tank than you believe you're capable of.
And love the sport, love the challenge and the opportunity to better yourself or achievements. You chose to sign up to a race so at some point you knew you could do it; it's all down to self-confidence.


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