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Using The Cable Machine For Glutes

Since venturing on the journey to grow my glutes, i have tried every machine in my gym to experiment with what increases contact the most. I had always thought that the cable machine was used for arms however, after a lot of moves ending up in me stumbling over, i have discovered two exercises that i now always include in my routine.

1) Donkey kicks - Donkey kicks are a staple glute exercise , however the only way to use additional weight is to put a dumb bell on the back of the knee but this takes a lot of balance! Using the heel cup on the cable machine, you can fasten it around the ankle to kick back. Typically i start on 55lbs with ten reps, 70lbs with ten reps and then 85lbs with all i can manage. You should be bent slightly at a 45 degree angle with your hands holding onto the cable machine for balance if needed.

2) Squats -  I struggle immensely with squats, my knees are always over my toes and i cannot hold myself up at all. Using the tricep rope at the bottom, pull back the ca…

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